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Auto Framing Feature
Turn auto-framing on to allow the camera to automatically use EPTZ presets to frame subjects in view. The new auto-framing feature takes full advantage of the 4K image sensor and applies intelligent decision making for the camera to call PTZ presets based on the location of moving objects. This feature is designed to work in meeting room environments. A demo mode is provided for simple set up.

Take manual control of your camera with the included IR remote. Or use any video conferencing software that supports UVC like Zoom. Did you know the PTZOptics Camera Control app announced support for our ePTZ cameras?

Find the perfect place for your 4K webcam. You can easily clamp this webcam to any monitor, attach to a tripod, or use a wall mount.

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Expand your conferencing capabilities

With NDI Virtual Input you can select any NDI source on your local area network and switch between them without changing your webcam source.

This application creates a virtual USB webcam driver wtih a untility tool you can use to virtual switch the video source without having to switch webcams in your video conferencing software. . Use NDI Virtual Input with any video conferencing software on Windows computers.

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