Community MX8-B Scenemonitor/på vegg kabinett

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8-inch Compact Coaxial Two-Way Monitor
Stage Monitors

The MX8 is a stylish and low profile floor monitor with excellent performance capabilities. Utilizing proprietary coaxial drivers to provide true point-source acoustical output, this compact monitor provides professional performance at an affordable price. Conical waveguides eliminate the transition anomalies that occur in most square and rectangular horns, resulting in exceptionally smooth phase and frequency response curves. Its coaxial design means that all of the sound emanates from the same point source. These innovations reduce feedback, improve intelligibility, and provide uniform coverage.

The MX8 features high sensitivity, permitting the use of smaller power amplifiers to obtain very high output levels. Precision engineered internal crossovers eliminate the need for biamplification, further reducing the overall system cost. Characterized by a smooth, flat frequency response coupled with low distortion, the MX8 provides exceptional resistance to feedback. The Tru-Phase™ high frequency waveguide affords precision pattern control to avoid acoustic hot-spots on the stage, thereby greatly simplifying the task of the personnel who mix monitors.

A single rear Ergo-Grip™ handle offers convenience for portable applications. An optional yoke mounting bracket for flush mounting an MX8 monitor tightly against a wall or ceiling is sold separately. The MX8 monitor is the perfect complement to any of Community’s Engineered Loudspeaker Systems.




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Community MX8-B Scene monitor/på vegg kabinett
MX8 har 8″ basselement og 1,25″ coaxial diskant. Begge modellene er velegnet på alle typer scener, og som påvegg kabinett i kinosammenheng, auditoriet, i pub/bar el.

Spredning: 100 grader


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