Gechic On-lap 1102i

kr4,550.00 inkl mva

Gechic On-lap 1102I er en 11.6-tommers monitor med FHD og bred synsvinkel, som bruker Projected Capacitive Touch teknologi for å gi en mer sensitiv og nøyaktig 10-punkts multi-touch. Sammen med Gechic in-house Rear Dock & Multi Mount sett gir 1102I flere muligheter med allsidige minidatamaskiner og andre typer vertsmaskiner.


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10-Point Multi Touch & Palm Rejection Technology
Offering better accuracy and fluidity, On-Lap 1102I is designed to satisfy you with every touch response. 10-point touch recognition allows you to type on screen as if on keyboard, drawing and tapping. The palm rejection technology avoids unintentional inputs and brings you comfort of touch.
Side connection
Three are micro-USB, HDMI, VGA input ports on the left side of 1102I. Just plug in the cables by instinct. This is the most convenient way to set up your dual-monitor environment.
Rear connection to hide cables
A 30-pin specific rear port is set on the rear of 1102I. With the On-Lap Proprietary HDMI-A & USB-A to dock port cable, you gain the clear front display in your system.
Astonishing Expansion with Rear Dock
Throw away your keyboard and mouse. GeChic Rear Dock consolidates HDMI signal & USB power to provides the most immediate solution of all -in-one PC. Insert your computer stick, Raspberry Pi on Rear Dock and take this special all-in-one for your makers party
Next-Gen Advanced FFS Technology
The On-Lap 1102I uses the newest high-end FFS (Fringe-Field Switching) panel for wide viewing angles. The panel combines the advantages of FHD, 16.7M true color, high contrast ratio and fast response time. You can read webpages, view photos, watch videos with more crystal clear, sharper image quality on a more power-saving screen.


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