MA-708 Portable Wireless PA System

kr8,745.00 inkl mva

Mipro MA-708PA active 190 watt portabel PA

Portabelt og robust lydanlegg på 190 watt. Plass for opp til fire trådløse UHF eller 2.4GHz mottager moduler (bestilles separat)


Mottager moduler:
MRM-24 kr 1620,- , MRM-70B kr 1495,- , MRM-72B kr 3120,-

Interling sender:
MTM-92 kr 3110,-

Sendere kan være disse avhengig av hvilken mottager modul MRM-72B dekker alle:
ACT-32HC kr 2495,- , ACT-32H kr 2195,- , ACT-32T kr 2050,- , ACT-32TC kr 2360,-

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Bringing a host of impressive features and functionalities, the MA-708 is an undisputed market leader in its class. MA-708 delivers unparalleled audio performance and craftsmanship. The rugged one-piece speaker cabinet houses a high efficient class-D amplifier that drives high sensitivity two-way loudspeakers and limiter circuitry reduces distortion and increases intelligibility for guaranteed powerful and clear sound. It offers an ideal public address solution for medium to large crowds.

Ideal applications include:

School sports events and marching bands
Places of worship
Large meetings and public gatherings
Presentations, seminars and meetings
Shopping center presentations and promotions
Aerobic & fitness centers
Parades & fetes
Street performers
Park and recreational facilities
Emergency and rescue situations
Weddings & funeral services
Public auctions


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