MR-90B Wireless ENG Receiver ( trådløs mikrofon kamera )

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Mipro MR-90B ENG mottager 5UB : 554~626MHz
Kompakt trådløs UHF mottager for profesjonelt kamera.

ACT-52H, ACT-32HC, ACT-32H, ACT-33H, ACT-32T, ACT32TC

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The MIPRO MR-90B is a compact wireless receiver designed for professional camcorder applications. Matched with MIPRO ACT transmitters to achieve natural sound reproduction, the receiver eliminates the need for microphone cables during recording, ensuring safe and agile operation of camcorders. Furthermore, the MR-90B can also be installed on an active PA speaker via ACT transmitters or a MT-92A wireless interlinking transmitter of a MA-909 wireless mixer to turn active speakers into a wireless system.

Waterproof, compact, and ultra-thin rugged aluminum housing construction.
Various interface socket modules can be easily detached and installed to work with different camcorders, active speakers and other audio equipment.
Detachable battery pack accessory needs only two AA batteries to provide at least 8 continuous hours of operation, eliminating the need for external power.
UHF PLL synthesized circuit and dual-antenna true diversity technology for best reception quality.
100 preset channels in each 24 MHz band can be easily auto-scanned for a clear, interference-free frequency.
16 Channel presets specifically for wireless interlinking transmitter.
World’s first ACT™ (Automatic Channel Targeting) provides precise and rapid frequency sync to the transmitters.
LCD panel shows frequency, RF and AF meters, diversity signals, and transmitter battery meter.
Control panel has setup buttons for SCAN, ACT, SQUELCH, and LOCK functions, allowing easy and error-free setup.
High fidelity and dynamic compander circuit provides balanced, high-gain audio signal output.
Electronic power switch eliminates popping noise during power on/off.
Working voltage is 6.5 ~ 12 V DC and the efficient power-saving design makes current consumption lower than 70 mA.
Precision SMA antenna connectors with removable soft antennas.


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