New!! PTZOptics 4K EPTZ ZCam NDI/SDI dual video

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Dual Output SDI ZCams

With the latest 4K video camera sensor built-in you can captured zoomed in views while maintaining 1080p and 720p quality levels. Determine the maximum zoom level that fits your project to get the most out of your 4K image. Zoom into your 4K image and create digital ePTZ presets that you can recall with the click of a button.

Digital PTZ inside 4K

EPTZ simulates pan, tilt and zoom operations inside of a large resolution pixel space. For example, a 4K image space allows for 3X lossless digital zoom with a 720p output. With two unique SDI outputs, your production can effectively cut between wide and tight camera views from the same camera.

*SDI outputs are limited to 1080p60fps or lower resolutions.OVERSIKT

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