NEW Telestream Wirecast Gear 3 4K HDMI

kr94,990.00 inkl mva

Wirecast Gear 3 – The most powerful, fully-integrated 4K streaming device in its price range

Wirecast Gear Family

Wirecast Gear 3 is a family of turnkey live video streaming and broadcast production appliances. Fully integrated into a single device, Gear 3 provides plug-in-and-go live-streaming and video production for up to five HD or 4K SDI, or four HDMI, sources. Live sports, news broadcasting, worship streaming, and live/ virtual event production is now available in one ready-to-go, convenient, rack-mountable unit.

Every Gear 3 unit comes with an ultra-fast AMD Ryzen six-core processor, NVIDIA Quadro GPU for accelera- tion and encoding, Wirecast Pro software with Stock Media Library for video production and switching, and Switch Player to inspect and monitor the quality of your content. Built as a flexible Windows machine, Gear also supports common applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more as the most comprehensive, configurable, and professional hardware appliance in its class. Elevate event produc- tion with ease and without stress when you take advan- tage of our top-of-the-line Wirecast GearCare support.

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