Shure Mikroflex Bodypack Tranceiver

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The MXW1 is a hybrid bodypack transmitter compatible with Microflex Wireless systems. It offers both an integrated omnidirectional microphone and an input jack for connecting an ear-worn or lavalier style microphone. The integrated microphone is perfect for picking up speech while the bodypack is on a lanyard or tucked into a shirt pocket, and a belt clip is included for attachment to clothing. All Microflex Wireless transmitters deliver vivid lifelike sound, intelligent wireless performance, encrypted transmission, and advanced rechargeability for conferencing and presentation applications.


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Compact, low-profile design: Fits comfortably into a shirt pocket or attached to clothing
Integrated omnidirectional mic: Clearly captures full range audio without connecting an external microphone
External microphone input: For connecting multiple styles of ear-worn or lavalier condenser microphones
Bi-directional wireless: Enables return channel audio and real time remote control of all wireless microphone settings
Earphone output: Listen to audio from a return channel for translation, cueing, or program material
Programmable mute button: Customise local or remote muting behavior per application, with options including push-to-talk, push-to-mute, and external control.
Standby mode: Enabled remotely during breaks or periods of inactivity to significantly extend battery life when not in use
Wide working range: Reliable wireless coverage extends up to 160 feet (50
Out of range alert: Emits beeping sound when range limit is exceeded
Wide frequency response: Captures full range audio for clear voice transmission
Easy transmitter linking: Assign the microphone to an Access Point channel by simply docking it into a Networked Charging Station and pressing “link”
Encrypted wireless: AES 256-bit encryption for secure transmission.
Advanced Li-ion batteries: Smart lithium-ion internal batteries provide up to 9 hours of continuous use, charge to full in 2 hours, and enable remote monitoring over the network of remaining runtime and charge status in hours and minutes
USB charging: Connects to any standard USB power source for “always on” usage.


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