Yamaha YVC-330 USB Microphone & Speaker System

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Yamaha YVC-330 USB Microphone Speaker System

Solutions for virtual meetings in open work areas The YVC-330 is a USB and Bluetooth speakerphone for open work areas and small to medium-sized conference rooms. With the SoundCap mode, quiet conference rooms, noisy open work areas and offices of all kinds become a place where remote communication is possible.


• SoundCap technology enables convenient long-distance calls regardless of
the environment

• Small, lightweight design with USB port brings mobility to the office • Equipped with several market leading audio signal processing technologies
to achieve improved communication

• Three powerful, unidirectional microphones automatically track the
direction of the voice, allowing the human voice to be focused and recorded

• The sufficient maximum volume (the maximum instantaneous volume of 91 dB) and the wide frequency bandwidth for playback (190 – 20,000 Hz) enable stress-free communication

• Two chained units allow meetings of up to 10 participants

• «Plug and play» connectivity with driverless USB, Bluetooth, NFC and audio input and output interfaces allows options for true flexibility

• High compatibility with all UC applications

• Sophisticated product design fits into every conference room

• Simple and intuitive user interface

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