Yamaha YVC1000 USB- & Bluetooth Conference Phone for medium spaces

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Yamaha YVC-1000 USB and Bluetooth conference phone for medium rooms
Lively remote communication

The YVC-1000 has separate microphone and speaker units with seamless audio and video integration. This ensures natural and convenient remote communication.

The high-performance broadband speaker unit can be placed close to the screen so that picture and sound merge naturally. At the same time, adaptive echo cancellation and other sound processing technologies from Yamaha ensure a stress-free conversation. The YVC-1000 is scalable and flexible. It meets the acoustic requirements of large conference rooms and areas with special table arrangements, e.g. B. Classrooms for distance learning and remote training.

There is also an optimal speakerphone system for your meeting room and your conference requirements, based on industry-leading audio technology from Yamaha.


• Excellent scalable and flexible solution for large conference rooms with special table configurations, connection of up to 5 microphones in series and support for 2 external speakers
• With the hand-held microphone connected, it is ideal for distance learning and remote seminars
• High quality sound technologies with adaptive echo cancellation and human voice activity detection (HVAD) to minimize background noise during a call
• The autotuning function analyzes the room environment and automatically adjusts the acoustic settings
• The meeting starts with a single connection using USB or Bluetooth (including NFC technology)
• User-friendly design for a quick, intuitive connection for remote communication

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